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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner –Harvest– (ft Maritza Dominguez Shop)

This week I am using this beautiful Harvest themed kit from MaritzaDominguez Shop on Etsy. It was on sale for only $2.10 so a fantastic deal for a 3 page kit that even has leftovers and I didn't need to raid my sticker stash to fill in anything. I love that the colors go so perfectly with the Recollections Planner's color this month and that meant that I didn't even need date covers.

I am so happy to be starting to use some fall themed kits, I'm not going full fall theme until it cools off a bit more here though. I think one of the things I love the most about decorating my planner is when the seasons start to change and I feel I can shift to the new season for inspiration in my sticker choices. I love to decorate for all the seasons but I think by the time each season is coming to an end I am more than ready to move onto the themes.

As I mentioned in the video I have started a Facebook page for this channel/blog and I would love it if you came over and hit that like button. I will be announcing all the videos and blog posts there so it will make it easier to catch all of them. I hope to get the conversation going too so feel free to stop by and say howdy any time.

I've finally joined this century and have an Instagram (I just need to actually post on it......) You can find me here.

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