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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner –Black Flower– (ft Bling Bling Planner)

This week I have a really pretty kit from the Etsy Shop Bling Bling Planner that I picked up last week (or the one before???) on their $2 Tuesday sale. I love the kit, I was a little worried with I got ready to print it since I am out of my normal glossy paper and had to use matte but it still turned out beautiful.

I love the fact that the kits I have been choosing for my spreads are all so different but they just fit at the same time. So much fun to flip through and enjoy the art of the stickers.

This kit was short a couple of stickers that I really find helpful in my week so I simply raided my stash of functional stickers to fill in the gaps.

The hydrate stickers are among the first printable stickers I got back in 2015 when I first started planning with stickers. They are from the Etsy Shop Silver Shed Crafts.

The meal planning sticker is from a sheet I picked up from Paper CrownPlanner also on Etsy. They have a lot of really charming printable stickers be sure to check them out.

As I mentioned in the video I have started a Facebook page for this channel/blog and I would love it if you came over and hit that like button. I will be announcing all the videos and blog posts there so it will make it easier to catch all of them. I hope to get the conversation going too so feel free to stop by and say howdy any time.

I've finally joined this century and have an Instagram (I just need to actually post on it......) You can find me here.

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