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Monday, August 21, 2017

Plan with me in my Happy Planner –Succulents- (ft My Planner Envy)

This week in my Happy Planner I decided to go with this free kit from Planner Envy that is succulents themed. I love the artwork on the kit and the simplicity of the design. Also the fact that the colors blend fairly well with the colors in my Happy Planner is definitely a bonus.

I am really not sure why all the stickers came out just a tad bit too small in this kit. I have used her kits before I don't remember having this issue with those but it was a long time ago. It's really not a big deal and frankly it gives the pages a bit more space and without space the Happy Planner can be a bit crowded.

As I mentioned in the video I have started a Facebook page for thischannel/blog and I would love it if you came over and hit that like button. I will be announcing all the videos and blog posts there so it will make it easier to catch all of them. I hope to get the conversation going too so feel free to stop by and say howdy any time.

I've finally joined this century and have an Instagram (I just need to actually post on it......) You can find me here.

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