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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner –Enchanted Roses– (ft I Love My Planner Shop)

This week I found a beautiful floral designed kit for my Recollections Planner. I love that it has the greens in the kit to match/coordinate with the colors already in the planner. I love the rose theme, the roses in my front yard are blooming like crazy right now so I felt this was the perfect kit to use. The fact that it was on sale the day I found it made it even better. I got this kit from I Love My Planner Shop on Etsy. The price I purchased it was only $1.99 but the regular price is only $3.75 so even not on sale this is an awesome buy.

I am pretty sure this is a new to me shop but I am certain I will be back to get more printable kits, there were so many gorgeous kits to choose from it was hard to pick.

The only thing I added this week were 3 half boxes but that is only because I want one for every day. I know most of you probably don't need a half box every day and the 4 that come with the kit would be plenty for most people.

I get asked all the time what sticker paper I use. Here is a photo of the packaging from my current paper. This is at least the 3rd package of this brand I have used and I really like it. I buy it from a couple of different sellers on eBay, I find the prices there are better than Amazon for this paper.

As I mentioned at the tail end of the video I have started a Facebook page for this channel/blog and I would love it if you came over and hit that like button. I will be announcing all the videos and blog posts there so it will make it easier to catch all of them. I hope to get the conversation going too so feel free to stop by and say howdy any time. 

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  1. Love this post Joanne! Thank you for your review, so happy you like the kits, also i enjoyed watching your video!