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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Plan with me in my Happy Planner –Donuts– (ft Planner Problem 101)

This week I decided I really wanted to find a cute free printable kit for my Happy Planner and Planner Problem 101 came through once again. I love the kits on this site, they are huge and have so many stickers in them. They also come in sizes for different planners so you can download the size/sizes that you need.

This kit goes with the existing colors in the planner so well and that is a bonus since it so hard to cover up all the excess color on the page. I mean it can be done but it is tough to do.

As mentioned at the end of my video I now have a Facebook page for this channel/blog I would love it if you dropped by and hit the like button. I will be posting over there when I post any blogs or videos and I would also love to get the conversation going over there too. 

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