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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner –Cinco de Mayo– (ft Plannersaurus)

This week I really wanted to feature Cinco de Mayo in my planner but I had a bit of trouble finding a kit with the theme. I finally settled on this one. I do love the clip art and design it is just lacking in some of the stickers I really wanted to have. After all I do want my planner to function as well as look good. Thankfully I have amassed a rather large collection of stickers to use in cases like this.

The main kit is from the Etsy shop Plannersaurus so be sure to go check out the kits available in the shop.

As for the other stickers here is a list of the ones I used with the shops they are from (linked)

Date Covers I Love 2 Print

Habit Tracker Ruby Red Iris Prints

Friday, April 28, 2017

Plan with me in my Happy Planner –May Monthly– (ft Design Sticker Store)

Today you are peeking over my shoulder as I use this printable Monthly kit for May from the Design Sticker Store on Etsy.

First can I just say how much I love this monthly view kit?? When I found it on Etsy I liked it but once I got it printed and started to put the stickers on my pages I fell in love. The colors work perfectly with the existing colors in my Happy Planner for the month of May. That is something I look for when I am picking a monthly kit for this planner because of how I use the pages. I use my Happy Planner just for my blogs and youtube stuff and I know that is different for how most of you use yours. The kit I am using will work nicely I think no matter how you use your planner though.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Plan with me in my Happy Planner –Floral– (ft Planner Addiction)

This week in my Happy Planner I decided to use this gorgeous free printable kit from Planner Addiction. This is one of kits on the site that are referred to as “monthly kits” and they have so many stickers. I have in the past gotten two full weeks in my planner from one printing of the kit with lots of stickers left over. There are 8 full pages of stickers to choose from. So lots of value for a free kit.

I do love that this kit blends in with the colors on my Happy Planner this month so I don't fell like I have to cover up the color on the weekend. Some weeks it just doesn't go with the stickers I pick and I am happy to cover up the extra color then but it sure is nice to just be able to let it be there. I sure how that Happy Planner has planners next year that don't have the weekends colored in. (fingers crossed)

Since there weren't either To Do or Today headers for the top of the page I just went without the headers this week. Since I was going for a lighter look this week that seems to work just fine. I also think I really like the full decorative boxes offset at the bottom of the page. This week it really works. I know I won't do that every week but I do like it with this particular spread.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner (ft- Ying X)

This week I am using this fairly plain but very pretty kit from Ying X shop on Etsy. It is a 2 page printable kit and I purchased it for $1.50. It is almost complete for the way I plan. I did add 3 half boxes since I like to have one for each day and the kit only had 4. I know for a lot of you that wouldn't have been an issue at all. I just used some from my sheet from Paper Crown Planner, also a printable kit on Etsy. I am getting a lot of use from that particular set of printables I got a while back.

There were no dinner stickers or even a header for either dinner or this week but I decided that the important header would work just fine for my dinner list.

Overall I really like this kit and for only being a 2 page kit it is really complete. The designs on the decorative boxes remind me a lot of quilt fabrics. I know I have fabric in my stash with most if not all of those designs.

The way the kit comes together it makes for a rather simple lay out but I like those once in a while. By the end of the week when everything gets filled out I am sure it will not look sparse at all.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Horizontal Happy Planner

A few days ago I was at my local Michael's and of course I had to check out the Happy Planner aisle. I found a new 18 month Horizontal Happy Planner and since I had a 60% off coupon I decided to let it come home with me.

Now for planning I really don't like a horizontal planner very much. It is alright in the mini one for my purse but to do any serious planning I just don't like them much. However, for a journal I have been wanting a horizontal Happy Planner ever since I got my first in person look at a Happy Planner. I think it is set up perfectly for a journal especially with the “currently” page that precedes each month.

I love the look of this particular planner and can't wait to get started using it this summer.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Plan with me in my Mini Happy Planner –Daffodils– (ft Design Lovely Studio)

I saw this cute printable kit on Etsy and knew I had to use it this week. One look at my front yard you would know I love Daffodils and this week the ones in my yard are in full bloom. Perfect time to have them in full bloom in my planner too.

The kit is from the Etsy shop Design Lovely Studio and it was reasonably priced at only $1.77. The kit contains 2 full pages of stickers and that is a lot for a mini size planner. If you do all or most of your planning in your Mini Happy Planner I am sure you would find pretty much everything you would need here. I have so many stickers left over this week.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Plan with me in my Happy Planner –Bold & Bright– (ft Vintage Glam Studio)

This week for my Happy Planner I am using another free printable kit from Vintage Glam Studio. I actually found this one a while back when I was looking for a kit to use for Easter. I fell in love with the bright cheery colors.

Since I wanted to not have the shaded area of the weekend showing I simply cut a piece of blank sticker paper to fit the area. Super simple and I looks pretty good too.

Since that still left the dates in a contrasting color I got to use the Happy Planner sized date covers I had found recently at Planner Problem 101. These were also free downloads and there are a lot to choose from on the sight. I recommend taking a few moments to explore the sight for stickers you might want to use.

Once everything was cut and baking was started to peel off the placement of the stickers was fairly quick and simple. Just the way I like it.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner –Purple Flowers– (ft I Love to Plan)

This week I decided I wanted to use a kit that was floral based and I was lucky enough to find this one from I Love to Plan on Etsy. And it was only $.99! I could hardly believe that a wonderful kit like this one was under a dollar. I grabbed it up as quickly as I could.

I did need to pull from my collection of basic stickers for a few more half boxes (Paper Crown Planner on Etsy) and I changed out the habits tracker (Ruby Red Iris on Etsy) since I am tracking 4 things right now. (most of the year I only need 3 so then the one in the kit would have been fine)

Since purple is my favorite color I am really happy with this week and how it turned out.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Plan with me in my Mini Happy Planner – Easter– (ft MeeDigi Scrap)

For my Mini Happy Planner I found an Easter themed kit from Mee Digi Scrap on Etsy. I love how it blends with the existing colors of the planner. The bars between the days fit in really nicely with no covering this week.

Speaking of the colors of this kit, aren't they pretty? I like how this kit has the Easter theme without going too far. Just a few touches to give a holiday spirit.

The kit had lots of wonderful stickers and at only $1.50 I think it is a wonderful deal it always amazes me how much some of the sticker designers can fit onto the one page for this planner.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Plan with me in my Happy Planner – Chickadee– (ft Vintage Glam Studio)

This week I am going all out for Easter with my planners. I decided to just use Easter kits one week but in all 3 planners that week. I was so happy to find this free printable from Vintage Glam Studio. It is so cute and fits the theme perfectly.

It was only 1 page and didn't have some of the stickers I feel I need so I dug into my stash of printable stickers I have accumulated in the last few months.

My Happy Planner ombre check-boxes were prefect for this spread. I got them a while back from the Etsy shop Paper Crown Planner. They come in such a wonderful array of colors so they will fit into so many spreads. I debated about whether to use just a couple of colors or a different color for each day. I think I compromised nicely with using 4 colors. It was so easy to find colors that would fit in too.

I also wanted to add a half box to each day and since I had purchased a printable set from Juicy Planner on Etsy a while back I decided to print a set on matte paper to use in this planner. I think they worked into the spread nicely.

I am really looking forward to using this spread this week.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner –Chicklettes– (ft Pansy's Prints)

This week I am going all out with Easter themes in all my planners. I wanted something really cute for my Recollections Planner and I am so happy I found this kit from Pansy's Prints on Etsy. It is almost too cute!

I got this kit for $2 and there are 4 pages just full of stickers, I love a good deal like that. I didn't need to add any stickers at all this week. And there is a lot left over too. If you plan with a bit more white space than I do you could definitely get at least 2 weeks out of this kit without having to print anything multiple times.

I hope you enjoyed this PWM and I thank you for watching my video and checking out the blog.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Plan with me in my Mini Happy Planner –Tropical Fun– (ft Vintage Glam Studio)

This week for my Mini Happy Planner I decided to use this cute Tropical theme kit from Vintage Glam Studio. The fun tropical vibe is perfect now that the weather is starting to warm up a bit and we are seeing a few more peeks of the sun.

This is a free printable kit and it is a very generous kit, there are so many more stickers that I didn't use. I have purchased kits with less. I love that the Vintage Glam kits are so nice, they are certainly budget friendly and they have more than what I need so I am very happy with them.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Plan with me in my Happy Planner –Pretty Posies– (ft Vintage Glam)

Join me today as I plan in my Happy Planner with a free printable kit from Vintage Glam Studio.

I love the spring colors in this kit and the very simple design. It just looks so soft and pretty. Just what we need after the winter weather. Like the flowers of spring.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner –Mermaid– (ft Violet Paper Prints)

This week I am using this beautiful printable kit from Violet Paper Planson Etsy. I love this kit, I am so ready for spring with the nicer weather, spring flowers and pretty colors. This kit is perfect in that the colors or the kit just scream spring to me. All the pretty purples like the flowers that will be blooming soon and the pretty blues.

This kit was a real bargain because not only do you get the 3 pages I showed in the video that fit the Erin Condren planners and of course the Recollections planner too but you also get pages to fit a regular size Happy Planner. And all of that is only $2.95!

The only sticker I pulled in from elsewhere was a sidebar hydrate from the Etsy shop Thanksis. I use these particular sticker often. The kit did have hydrate stickers but they were part of a small checklist and I really didn't feel I would have a use for the checklist part of them.