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Monday, February 27, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner –Flamingo– (ft Ruby Red Iris Prints)

This week I am planning for the week of February 27 thru March 5 in my Recollections Planner. I decided I wanted a kit that incorporated the combination of green and pink that was on the pages of my planner. To find something that would fulfill that desire I used the words pink and green in my Etsy search of printable planner stickers. I found a lot of really pretty possibilities but this one just grabbed my attention. It was not what I thought I was looking for. I would probably have never searched for a flamingo themed kit. But it just spoke to me. It is totally different from anything I have used before in this planner. The more I look at it the more I love it. I am really happy I found this kit from Ruby Red Iris Prints. 

As for being a “complete” kit, for me the only thing I felt I needed to add was the hydrate sticker from Thanksis. I do like to keep track of my water intake, when I get lazy about it I find I just don't feel as good.

Most weeks I have been using 3 habit trackers lately but this kit only has 2. Since fell and hurt my knee last week I probably won't be walking every day this week anyway so I went with just the two.

I really wanted to be able to use the big double over-sized decorative boxes but I just couldn't see giving up that much space. I do need my planner to work after all. So I ended up just using the normal size boxes that are in the kit.

I do love how the weekend banner is shaped, it is different and I love it. It does get in the way of using the date covers though because of where I placed it. That's okay since the colors of the planner go with the kit.

Here are some closer pics of the pages. Thanks for stopping by and for watching my video.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Plan with me in My Mini Happy Planner – March Monthly – (ft Sparkle Pop Paper)

For my Mini Happy Planner I decided to go all out for Saint Patrick's Day with my monthly page. I do love this kit from Sparkle Pop Paper. It is so bright and cheery and definitely themed for the holiday. Since I don't look at this planner every day it is going to be perfect.

This is a fairly small kit but that is what I was looking for this month. I don't really track much on my monthly spreads. The one thing I do track on the monthly spread in this planner is when I get gas in my truck, for that I do wish there would have been a gas pump icon but I can just write it on one of the small label stickers that is in the kit.

Overall I do love this little kit.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Plan with me in my Mini Happy Planner – Chocolate Bon Bon – (ft Vintage Glam Studio)

This week in my Mini Happy Planner I decided on a free printable kit from Vintage Glam Studio. I love this kit and in general I love the kits from Vintage Glam for my Mini Happy Planner because they fit the way I use this planner. After all it is an extra planner that I carry with me. It only gets looked at a few times a week so I don't need a huge amount of stuff recorded in it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Plan with me in My Happy Planner –March Monthly – (ft Bling Bling Planner)

This kit from Bling Bling Planner is a nice break from all the green and shamrocks we normally associate with the month of March. It definitely has a “spring” vibe to it.

Since this planner is the one I use just for my blogs, videos and art work I don't need a lot of the “normal” stickers that a lot of people look for in a monthly spread kit. I purposely looked for a smaller kit. Since this kit is under $2 it is certainly affordable. It does have 2 pages with lots of stickers to choose from. It doesn't have a huge number of icons and such but those go to waste for me anyway. I am going to use most of the kit and I will have some pieces left over that I can use to supplement other kits in the future.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Plan with me in my Happy Planner –Flowers – (ft Planner Addiction)

This week in my Happy Planner I am using one of the big “monthly kits” from Planner Addiction. These kits are very generous since they have around 8 pages and they are completely free to download. You either do a “no white” spread in just about any planner or do multiple weeks with the kits.

This week I was just looking for a nice kit that would celebrate the fact we are getting some spring weather and I think this kit fills that requirement really well.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Plan with me in my Recollections Planner – Cherry Blossom – (ft La Vie Prints )

This week in my Recollections Planner I am using this absolutely gorgeous kit from La Vie Prints on Etsy called Cherry Blossom. I love how delicate it is and it actually matches the colors of the planner perfectly.

This is a fairly complete kit especially considering it is only a 2 page kit. Most of the time I prefer a 3 page kit for my planner. I only added some 3 heart checklists and habit tracker to give me what I needed for the week. I would have rather had an additional check list rather than the 2 daily checklists for the sidebar but it will work especially since there were 10 full size decorative boxes.

Overall though the kit was just about perfect.

For the habit tracker I used a 4 habit tracker from Ruby Red Iris, I only needed 3 this week so I just cut off the bottom one.

For the 3 heart checklists I uses some from Luna Paperland.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Plan with me in My Recollections Planner – March Monthly – (ft Planning Choco)

This week I am using a March monthly kit from Planning Choco on Etsy.

I had noticed a lot of the ready made sticker shops have been making their monthly kits with the days before the month starts attached to the top header. I wanted to find a similar kit that was printable. My other goal for this month's monthly kit was to not have it be overwhelmingly be Saint Patrick's Day themed. I mean I do love Saint Patrick's Day and I will be looking for some themed kits for at leas that week in my planner. I just didn't want that to be all that was represented in my planner this year.

So I spent some time looking at my options. I wasn't looking for an Alice in Wonderland kit. I probably would have told you that I didn't want such a theme. Then I saw this kit! Oh my, one look at the thumbnail and I had to take a closer look. I think it was love at first sight. This kit is so pretty and way different from anything I would have thought to look for. I absolutely love it! Then I noticed that the notes page stickers were included. So cool to have them match.

I love to watch everyone decorate their monthly spreads and notes pages and I am always interested in what everyone tracks on those two pages. I don't track much on mine. On the monthly spread I track holidays, what weekends my son goes to his dad's house, birthdays and usually (if I remember) I note when I get gas in my truck. I have been trying to do some goal setting and such too with varying degrees of luck.

On my notes page the main thing I track is the source for different recipes I use. I have a pretty huge collection on cook books and recipes so finding something we want to eat again can be a challenge. I decided for March I am going to be tracking some projects that I want to do to get the house/yard and porches ready for spring and summer.

With the exception of the little house stickers to track my son's weekends everything else I used came from the 3 page kit. Since the kit costs $3 I think it is a wonderful value.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Plan with me in My Happy Planner – Lots O' Hearts – (ft Vintage Glam Studio)

This week for my Happy Planner I am combing a cute Valentine's kit from Vintage Glam Studio with some to do boxes from Wendaful Designs. Both were free printables and they coordinate really well.

With the addition of just a couple of decorative stickers from a sheet of stickers from Dollar Tree I have a wonderful spread for the holiday week.

I really like the line of washi tape, I have no idea where I got it from and I think this might be the first time I am using it. It fits just right over the header strip and the color and design were perfect this week.

Thanks for watching my video and checking out my blog.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Plan with me in My Recollections Planner – Red Rose – (ft Sweet Paper Prints Co)

This week I am using a really pretty printable sticker kit from Sweet Paper Prints on Etsy. The kit is called Red Roses and the name fits it perfectly. I love the red roses and it has just the right amount of printed glitter and a even a touch of foil. The overall effect is beautiful and celebrates Valentine's Day without being too cutesy. I think the fact that it is primarily a red kit helps. I absolutely love the hearts on gold ribbons in the box I used in the top corner. It is one of my favorite decorative boxes ever.

I did a lot of looking to find just the right kit for this week. I wanted something for Valentine's Day but I didn't want it to be over the top or too cute. I wanted something that I would love all week.

I think I hit all the points I was looking for with this one.

While the kit did have an entire page of deco items it was missing a few things I really needed. Thankfully I have amassed a pretty good collection of stickers that I can pull from to round out kits.

I was able to use the quarter boxes included in the kit for my dinners by adding the dinner circle icons that were also included.

I really needed 4 habit trackers this week and since there was only 1 included I used one of my new 4-habit trackers from Ruby Red Iris. These are coming in very handy and I love the assortment of colors on the page. They seem to match pretty well with all my kits.

I also need my hydrate tracker so I used one from Thanksis Digital Art. I also have one bill due this week and used a bill due sticker from the same shop.

Since the rest of my page was so pretty and red I decided I really needed some red date covers so I used some from ilove2print. I really like the style of these and they come with so many colors in the one set.

20/20 hindsight I really wish I would have whited out the pink on the bottom of the page before I added the bottom washi. There isn't much but it does bother me a bit. I might see if I can find some red washi tape to cover it up with in the next few days.

Thank you so much for watching my video and checking out my blog.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Plan with Me in my Mini Happy Planner (ft Vintage Glam Studio)

This week for my Mini Happy Planner I decided to use a free printable from Vintage Glam Studio called Shabby Roses. I fell in love with Vintage Glam Studio way back when I got my very first planner (August of 2015). I wanted to start decorating right away and that was the first site I found. I check the page pretty much every week to see what is new.

Especially for my Mini Happy Planner I love to use her free kits at least a couple of times a month. Since that planner doesn't get used as much as the two that stay home with my I feel it is kind of silly to buy a big kit for it every week. If I can use a free kit from time to time I feel better about purchasing the other kits sometimes.

Be sure to check out the archives on the Vintage glam site because she has lots of free printables for all sizes of planners. I bet you will find something you love.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Plan with Me in my Happy Planner (ft Planner Problem 101)

The kit I am using this week in my Happy Planer comes from the site Planner Problem 101. Be sure to take a few minutes to look around at all the fun free printable stickers available.

The kit I am using is called Soft Tribal and I love the colors! It is so pretty and light it just makes me happy opening the pages of my planner.

The kit has 6 pages so I am sure you will be able to do just about everything you want to as far as decorating your spread. So many stickers! I didn't even print the 3rd page since it was all “little things” and I don't use those in this planner at all. But if you are a no white space planner and using your Happy Planner as your main planner you should do really well with this kit.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Plan with Me in my Recollections Planner (ft- Bling Bling Planner)

This week in my Recollections Planner I am using a kit that is free to members of the Bling Bling Club from the Bling Bling Planner shop on Etsy. The club is free to join you get a free kit every month as well as special discounts and offers. I just joined and I am very impressed by the free kit.

This kit is the January kit and it is called Magnolia. I love it, it is pretty and delicate with touches of steel and wood. Just right for this week in my planner.

I did have to supplement the kit a bit but not too much. I wanted some 3 heart check boxes, more half boxes, more dinner planner space and separate hydrate stickers for each day. I could have gotten some of those things by simply printing a couple of the pages twice but I decided to add some items from other shops to mix it up a bit.

The half and quarter boxes are from the Etsy shop Planning Choco
The 3 heart check flags are from the Etsy shop Luna Paperland
The hydrate stickers are from the Etsy shop Silver Shed Crafts
The habit tracker is from the Etsy shop Ruby Red Iris Prints
The menu sticker is from the Etsy shop Thansis Digital Art

All of the stickers used in this spread are printable stickers.