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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Plan with me Jan 2-8 (ft-Stick to the Plans)

It has been so long since I recorded a plan with me video, it felt so strange. I am sure I will get back in the groove again soon.

So I am back to using printable kits from Etsy for my planner. I do love them so much. For me the pre-printed kits just take too long, I don't usually know what I want to use far enough in advance to order and wait for them. Add to that the cost, I mean a lot of those kits run $20 or $30 and that adds up really quickly! I have other things I want to spend my money on. LOL

Anyway I just love this kit, it is so pretty for winter with the snow and all. And we are expecting really cold weather this week so it seems to be perfect.

The kit is from the Etsy shop Stick to the Plans, and is called WinterWonderland (I think that was the title of the kit) the cost was $3.17

This is my second week in my new Recollections Planner and so far I am liking it a lot. I am still working on getting things straight without the lines from the boxes but I am sure with practice it will be easier. Actually last week I didn't have nearly as much trouble staying straight. I think the idea that I was filming this week made everything harder.

The other stickers I used this week that weren't in the kit were:

Meal stickers from : Sweety Stickers

Habit stickers from: Thanksis

So I hope you enjoy this PWM and will come back for more videos on my channel.

Thanks for stopping by.