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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Galaxy Effects Nail Kit: Review & Demo

I absolutely love using this nail polish kit!! I think the end result of how my nails look when I am done is so cool looking and they always get lots of compliments when I do them this way.

I purchased the kit several months ago and have used it several times since I got it. With the exception of the sponge end of the dual ended tool that comes in the kit I am very happy with it. The sponge applicator that comes in the kit has a few problems one being that it is way too large for my nails. The other being I have no idea how to clean it and not dissolve the glue that holds it together. I am much happier with using a couple of cotton swabs that I can just throw away to do the same job.

The kit is really easy to use as you can see from the video demo. It does take some time but that is mostly drying time. I think my favorite part of the kit is the glitter polish that comes in the kit. It has so many shapes of glitter in it that it really helps with the whole “galaxy” theme.

The company that makes the kit is KISS and they can be found here. The kit on their website retails for $9.99 but I was able to find it in my local stores for $7.99, so do take a look for it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Plan with Me- Polar Bear Theme

This week I am using a polar bear theme to decorate the last week of January. I can't get over how cute these bears are. I mean what could be cuter than bears any way??

I decided to use matte finish paper this week because I wanted to keep the colors on the softer side. I am really happy with how the stickers turned out, just not so happy with this paper. Maybe after I use it a bit more and get used to it I will like it better.

Here are some closer looks at the pages in my spread.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Plan with Me- Outer Space Theme

I am so excited to be using this theme, the little aliens and space ships are sooo cute!! I also love the colors and the designs especially the purple design with the stars, it is just so pretty. And the glow like areas are so pretty.

After last week which I was just lukewarm about I am even more excited to have a spread I am excited about.

I am actually using a sticker from my Oh, Hello whoops sale, the one for making a telephone. I knew I would get some use out of some of those stickers.

I don't have a lot else to say so here are some photos of each page so you can get a closer look at them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Plan with Me- Winter Nights

This week I am doing something different, at least different for me. I am using a set that I purchased from a shop on Etsy.

The set is called Winter Nights and it was made by the shop The Organizing Companion. I love this set so much but for me it is a challenge to decorate a week's spread with just the stickers in a single set. I did find it necessary to make a page of ombre checklists to go with the set. Without those I would have been totally lost in my planning.

I had recently gotten some stickers from Oh Hello Stationary and on one of the pages there was a hydrate sticker. I used that in place of the ones I usually make.

The only other stickers I added to the set were my bubble bath sticker and my watering can sticker.

I think I did quite well with the challenge of using predominantly the set as I got it. I am still not sure how I feel about the amount of white space in the spread. I will let you know in next week's video how I that went.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Graze Box #2

Watch the video here.

Today I am opening my latest Graze box for you. I really love this subscription and it is so much fun to try the different things they send.

Remember to use the link in the video description to get your own Graze box too.

This time I have the full 8 snack size box and it was so hard to not open this during the week but I really wanted to open it on camera for you all to see.

This time there is one snack I won't be trying since it has a large enough amount of cinnamon it that I don't want to take a chance on it. As much as I love cinnamon I have a slight allergy to it so I will pass on it this time. I reserve taking chances on cinnamon to things I know won't affect me very much.

So on to the things I did taste for you.

The Super Forest Fruits are really yummy. I love dried fruits and since most of the pieces in this one are natural flavor I really like it.

Next up were the Kern pops, I was thinking they would be more crunchy than they were. Very yummy but just not as crunchy as I would have liked.

The Flapjack, I do love the flavor of this one this month. I have been craving chocolate this week so that probably plays into how much I like this one.

The Cookies and Cream mixture was okay, not great but not bad in any way. It was just frankly a bit blah.

The Sweet Mustard Ranch combination I could have eaten an entire bag of . That was just perfect for me.

The Herby Bread Basket was teetering a bit too close to tasting like a bag of croutons looking for a salad to be a favorite.

And finally the new Granola Topper was okay I think it really needs to be eaten with something like yogurt or maybe the applesauce like I thought of during filming.

Over all I am in love with the box and the snacks. Be sure to use my link so you can get your first and fifth boxes for free. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Plan with Me- Peppermint

the video here.

I love the colors of this set of clip art and paper! It is kind of funny I had found and purchased the set for use in January way back in the beginning of December. The very day I did purchase it and had just gotten it downloaded I went to watch some PWM videos and four of my favorite youtubers were using sets they had purchased with the same graphics.

As soon as I saw the graphics I knew I wanted to use this in January since we get most of our winter weather now not in December. Besides I had way too much Christmas stuff to ever get used up.

I am loving looking at this spread, it just makes me very happy to see the colors this week.

Also I am really excited about the new sticker paper I got in the mail this last week. I am now totally in love with glossy stickers because these look so nice!