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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just a little bit about me

I thought I would start this blog off by telling you all a bit about me. If you have followed any of my other blogs you know I love to create, to make things. I always have loved creating things both useful and just to look at. It really doesn't matter to me what I am creating I just have a need to create.

I figured out a long time ago that if for whatever reason I don't get to be creative I start to not feel like myself. There was a time in my life that I had people in my life that belittled my need to create. I was told that it was nonsense and too frivolous. That I had other things and responsibilities that had to come first. During this time in my life I tried to turn off my creative side and put aside that part of me. I found that this made me very unhappy, I discovered that in order for me to be happy and to actually feel like “me” I need to do 2 things every day. I need to learn something new (hence my love of reading and learning) and I need to exercise my creative side. This creative exercise can be something really small like a doodle or a working on a craft project for a few minutes or it can be huge and take all day (sometimes several days or months) It just has to happen!

I decided to start this blog so I could share some of those projects that just don't fit into my other blogs. Some of you may already read my minis blog (if not you can find it here) and/or my 18” doll blog (you can find that one here) and you may even know about my cooking blog (that one is here) I really need to be better at posting on the cooking blog though (it's right here but I tend to get lazy on that one and forget to post) This blog is for those crafting and sewing projects that aren't doll or miniature related. You see I have been sewing and crafting long before I found dollhouses or 18” dolls. I actually started sewing before I was old enough to start school and crafting about the same time. When I was growing up my mom did a lot of different crafts and she also sewed almost everything that she and I wore. I started by watching her and then with her guidance I learned to do a lot of different crafts on my own. She was always open to us trying new projects. That was so much a part of who I was and who I am today.

So if you can think of a craft I have probably at least tried it. My interests tend to be all over the place. I will get really immersed in a craft, make lots of stuff and then get bored and move to the next thing. I usually come back around to everything again though.

Right now I am really into card making. I'm not even sure how I got started on this path but it is consuming me at the moment. I can't seem to get enough so I have dug out all my rubber stamps that I have collected for years for different projects, I dusted off my old scrap-booking gear and I have been making cards. Since I love color and how colors work together and I love playing with paper it is a current perfect fit.

I do find that no matter what type of craft is my current favorite I can pretty much use the same tools and supplies I use for all my other projects. I also love taking the tools from one medium and using them to make new things in a totally new area. So keep an eye on this blog page you never know where I may take you. Maybe we will do some stamping, or card making, or sewing , or jewelry making, or, or, or, or.................